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Conquering The Day

From morning to mealtime to bedtime, explore brilliant ways to bring deeper connection, learning, and fun into you and your child’s daily activities.

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Why this program?

Are your mornings chaotic? Are mealtimes an exercise in patience? And is bedtime a nightly negotiation?


Life’s everyday routines can often feel both mundane and exhausting (and sometimes even overwhelming!). But, armed with a new perspective and fresh ideas, you can turn your child’s daily routines into moments of growth and good old-fashioned fun.

The Conquering The Day program guides you through each part of your daily routine, and gives you rewarding tools and experiments that will bring a sense of structure, wonder, and connection into every moment of the day.

Program Highlights:

And much more!

Instant Lifetime Access for $39.99

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Rise, shine, and feel mighty fine:

these ingenious morning rituals are the perfect way to start the day with love, energy, and enthusiasm.


Mastering meal time:

whether your child's a fussy eater, a slow one, or a messy one - here's how to make every meal time a success.


Say goodbye to bedtime battles:

if your child has a habit of delaying bedtime, try these tips for creating an efficient bedtime routine that doesn't leave you longing for yours.

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Expecting the unexpected:

how to help your child navigate disruptions and unanticipated events throughout the day, while staying focused on the tasks that matter.


Getting serious with playtime:

discover how to smoothly and naturally bring bonding, learning, and growth into playtime - without sacrificing on the fun.

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Conquering the Day

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For parents of kids ages 0 -6

The Conquering the Day program includes 35+ minutes of easy-to-follow video training, plus beautifully designed worksheets for applying your learnings.

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What people are saying about

"Conquering The Day"

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Ashley Page

Our transitions between activities are so much smoother now. Way less meltdowns!

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Alexis Madison

Finally got my toddler to go to sleep without needing me there. I feel so liberated!

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-29 at 7.20.12 PM.
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David Neville

We now have a concrete plan on how to prepare our son for his new baby sister’s arrival!

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Want to go deeper?

The Total Package

The Love Parenting Total Package gives you full access to all six Love Parenting programs at a very generous discount! Save big on your journey into parent-child attunement and gain a strong foundation in every key area of your child’s growth and learning. 

$199 ($240 Value)


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