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Raising a

Confident Child

Guide your child towards a lifetime of confidence and resilience through simple shifts in your approach to communication, stress, and adversity.

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Why this program?

Studies show that self-confidence is one of the most important measures of a child’s present and future success in life. Most parents “realize this, yet often find it challenging to find the right confidence-building approach.

How do you nurture confidence without overconfidence? When is the right time to step in and help your child when things go south? What’s the right way to challenge your child, without putting them down?

You’ll discover the answers to these questions and much more in the Raising a Confident Child program.


Program Highlights:

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How to encourage lifelong growth through confidence 
Discover how to nurture your child’s confidence and subconscious beliefs for a lifetime of personal growth.

Why children need to rescue themselves
You can be there for your child without erasing their ability to get themselves out of sticky situations. Here’s how.

The secret ingredients to constructive praise 
Too little praise can be harmful, but so can too much. Follow these steps to praise in a way that boosts your child’s inner strength and self-esteem.

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How to challenge your child 
It can be tricky to point out your child’s mistakes without feeling like you’re putting them down. Use this framework to challenge in a way that builds connection and confidence.

How parents (innocently) sabotage their child’s confidence 
Are you making any of these all-too-common missteps? Here’s how to fix them, quickly and easily.


And much more!

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Raising a 



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For parents of kids ages 0 -6

The Raising a Confident Child program includes 35+ minutes of easy-to-follow video training, plus beautifully designed worksheets for applying your learnings.

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Instant Lifetime Access for $39.99

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What people are saying about "Raising a Confident Child"

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Joey Miller

Until this course, I never realized how I was getting in the way of my child’s confidence. Time to change it up!

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Jane Fleming

I can already see changes in my daughter’s attitude towards challenges!

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Sienna Riley

Totally have changed the way we praise our children and they are responding so well!

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Want to go deeper?

The Total Package

The Love Parenting Total Package gives you full access to all six Love Parenting programs at a very generous discount! Save big on your journey into parent-child attunement and gain a strong foundation in every key area of your child’s growth and learning. 

$199 ($240 Value)

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