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The Secret Ingredient to a Healthy & Joyful Upbringing

Many of your child’s most rewarding experiences of growth and learning are found in moments of deep connection. Those moments of discovery, play, or bonding in which you’re both wholly present. Where you can see your child for the unique individual they are. And where they too are connected to themselves, their emotions, and the purest sense of wonder and curiosity.

At Zumbini, we refer to this beautiful state of being as attunement. 

Attunement is the foundation of the greatest lifelong gifts your child can gain: from emotional intelligence, to a healthy sense of boundaries, to self-awareness and self-confidence, and much more.

When attunement happens, magic follows. That’s why we’ve developed Love Parenting: a series of programs designed to awaken those moments of deep connection for you and your child, as together you navigate the most vital areas of their emotional, intellectual, and social development.

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Serious Parenting Science, Delivered with Love & Laughter

Each Love Parenting program takes you on a journey into parent-child attunement, scientifically proven to play a crucial role in the
development of a child’s lifelong sense of self-esteem, security, and fulfillment.

Love Parenting’s approach to attunement harmonizes the latest findings in brain growth, emotional intelligence, attachment science, and other fields to show you a deeply transformational (yet easy-to-follow) path to your child’s fullest potential.

Yet as much as you’ll find serious science under the hood of Love Parenting programs, you’ll also be delighted with countless opportunities for fun and bonding through play, laughter, and the chance to turn everyday routines into rewarding learning adventures.

Deep Attunement in 4 Simple Steps

Here’s how Love Parenting brings you closer to your child and sparks extraordinary growth & learning

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Choose Your Adventure

You begin by selecting your preferred Love Parenting program, based on you and your child’s unique needs. Whichever you choose, get ready for a rewarding adventure in growth, learning, and connection.

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Time To Explore

As you explore your chosen program, you will get all of the training and hands-on tools you need to nurture your child through attunement, guide them through life’s daily challenges, and even reflect on your own beliefs and values as a parent. The gifts you gain here are priceless, and will serve you on every step of you and your child’s journey.

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Engage, Experiment, Have Fun!

Now it’s time to experiment with your new parenting superpowers! Whether you’re helping them navigate emotions, set boundaries with love, communicate with empathy, or connect through play,  you’ll love watching them grow into far more confident, resilient, self-aware versions of themselves.  

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A Lifetime of Attunement!

The best thing about parenting through attunement? The more you do it, the easier it gets. As you continue applying your Love Parenting learnings, you’ll find yourself making better intuitive choices, and even letting your child take the lead on their own growth and learning. The result is a child who’s wonderfully connected both to you and to themselves. 


A Global Movement Inspired by Children & Parents

Zumbini began in 2013 as a platform for children and parents to bond through music, dance, and learning. Over 200,000 children and parents around the world have experienced a Zumbini class, and we’ve witnessed the same truth in every single one:

Quality time is the best tool for connecting and learning!

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Love Parenting is our way of leveraging that truth even further: through a series of immersive programs that combine today’s best parenting and developmental science, with moments of deep parent-child attunement.

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