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Effective Boundaries

Discover how to nurture a healthy sense of discipline and self-control by setting boundaries, creating a structured environment, and managing impulsive behaviors with love and empathy.

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Why this program?

Setting boundaries can often feel like a chore, especially when your child questions and tests them. Yet, when approached correctly, clear boundaries and a structured environment become a deeply rewarding platform for growth, exploration, and strong parent-child attunement.


And as you’ll soon discover, you can even set boundaries with an abundance of love and empathy - with no lack of firmness!


In the Setting Effective Boundaries program, you’ll get all the tools and techniques you need to create a constructive sense of structure and rules of engagement in every area of you and your child’s life.

Program Highlights:

And much more!

Instant Lifetime Access for $39.99

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The key difference between discipline and punishment:

follow these simple steps to encourage discipline and set limits with love and empathy, and without harsh punishments that can damage your relationship.


How your parenting style impacts your path to discipline:

discover what kind of parent you really are, and how to nurture discipline through the lens of your unique parenting style.


The best way to manage impulsive behaviors:

try this the next time your child bites, kicks, or throws a tantrum - and watch as they quickly calm down (hint: it doesn't involve time outs, which often do more harm than good).

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Reducing impulsiveness and reactiveness in yourself:

sometimes, your child's unwanted behaviors can cause you to lose control. Here's how to stay more mindful and self-aware, no matter what's going on around you.


Discipline through fun and play:

discipline doesn't need to be boring! Explore effective ideas for increasing cooperation and setting boundaries by having fun together.

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Effective Boundaries

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For parents of kids ages 0 -6

The Exploring Temperaments program includes 45+ minutes of easy-to-follow video training, plus beautifully designed worksheets for applying your learnings.

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What people are saying about "Setting Effective Boundaries"

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Shae Revie

SO happy I don’t have to come up with random consequences anymore!

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Tony Hunt

Our power struggles to turn off the iPad, take a bath, and go to bed have dramatically decreased!

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Dianne Brandon

I actually stopped YELLING at (and threatening) my son. I feel like such a better parent now!

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Want to go deeper?

The Total Package

The Love Parenting Total Package gives you full access to all six Love Parenting programs at a very generous discount! Save big on your journey into parent-child attunement and gain a strong foundation in every key area of your child’s growth and learning. 

$199 ($240 Value)


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