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Let’s rethink the way you see your child’s behavior…

Behavior is just a form of communication- underneath it lies an emotion, desire, or need that has not yet been met. Our courses will help you rethink your child’s behavior, so that you can respond effectively and create a deeper connection.

Our Courses

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All courses include

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Video lessons led by our in-house parenting expert


Review worksheets with practical applications

Customer support with access to our parenting experts


We practice what we preach!

We are an experienced team made up of (first and foremost) parents, developmental specialists, early childhood specialists, mental health therapists, and teachers who are using these frameworks and techniques to raise our own children…and our children are thriving!  We can almost see the circuitry forming in their brains as they become confident, resilient, and good problem solvers.

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Lorri Riley

These programs changed the way I see my three kids.  Since I’ve learned how to manage their tantrums, we are all living a happier life :)

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Antonia Lynton

My child has a hard time with change - and boy has this been a year of change.  I truly understand his temperament now and finally feel equipped to help him manage big and small transitions.

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Natalie Goode

As an anxious first time parent, these courses gave me the direction and confidence I needed to give my child what she needs most.

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